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reivaxm asked: Hello. I was reading Coraline again and something hit me: are Miss Spink and Miss Forcible a couple? Thanks, have a nice week :)



Anonymous asked: Top 5 wishes for S3 Alana


You want me to boil this down to 5? Wow I’m gonna have to sift through headcanons for what I desire outta this situation. Let’s figure this out.

1.  Make this face a lot more. No, I’m not kidding. A lot more. 

2. No romantic plots. No I am not fucking kidding here. S3, if you ask me, needs to be the season where she reflects and heals. It needs to be where the focus is on herself. The woman needs to be entirely forced to look at herself instead of who it is she can repair.

3. Seriously, I want to watch her healing process. I want the struggle to be obvious. I want to see the realistic portrayal because after unknowingly cannibalizing for years, having been the ‘monster’s’ love interest (and best friend), and inevitably struggling with the sensation of self-blame for getting in the way of the FBI’s investigation on Hannibal (Do I think she’s wrong? NO. Will she think she was wrong? ABSOLUTELY. Dhavernas even said it). I want them to give Dhavernas a chance to play this part like a fucking harp the way I know she can. 

4. I want to give her more puppies. No, I’m not kidding. I want to give her, like, one more puppy. I want it to be from someone. I want the others to survive and for them to lean on each other. I want Alana to attempt to isolate and I want Jack and Will all hold on a second Dr. Bloom and fucking quit it. I want a survivor dynamic. I want Applesauce to have a sister to play with and I want all of that to be a coping mechanism for Alana, sleeping between two pups who nuzzle her for attention and create a pack dynamic in her little house.

5. I want her to not give up on Hannibal. Here it is, yes, I want the test of this but not in a romantic way. I want to see Alana Bloom having been hurt by who she loves most in the world and I want her to defy his expectations. I want her to show him that he could cut her to the quick and she would lash back with something like justified force, but not malice. I can’t deny that her nature should be darker; that she should become angry with him for what he’s done, but as she does with Gideon: ‘They’re gonna kill Gideon, aren’t they?’ I want her to respond with sympathy. I want her to say the man she knew could not only be the monster and work to lock him up, both to keep himself and others safe and to try to get him what she would perceive as the best care possible. I want Alana Bloom’s true core goodness to succeed where everyone else’s fails, and where Will darkened himself to catch Hannibal Lecter, I want Alana to turn on the lights and prove it isn’t just violence that prevails here, but compassion. 

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my second one made me choke on laughter

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people will always call out people for saying “fuck skinny bitches” but when the diet commercial comes on, when the fat jokes are being made, when conversations about how fat people are detriments to society are underway, when a size 6 expects her size 26 friend to go with her to the mall even though there ain’t shit for her fat ass there, when girls are saying “i can’t cut my hair short because my face would look fat” & “when i learned that drinking alcohol could make you gain weight i felt like my life was over!!!”, and when family/friends/TOTAL STRANGERS are saying “we’re just worried about your health” y’all STAY quiet

because body-shaming someone who “doesn’t deserve it” would be the worst thing you could do, right? 

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